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Sacramento Boomer

This Month in Boomer: March 2020

Boomer Sacramento Magazine - March 2020

This Month's Feature:

Get Busy 7 Hobbies to Keep You Happy

Get Busy: 7 Hobbies to Keep You Happy

Discover new activities and interests you can do alone, with friends, and/or with your spouse. Challenge your mind and keep your body active through this next chapter of life. Read More » 



Spring Things Crossword

Spring Things Crossword

A Custom Crossword by Gail Marie Beckman


Other Highlighted Articles:

Cool Coffee Find Old Soul Co

Cool Coffee Find: Old Soul Co.

Old Soul Co. emphasizes and practices local, artisan craftsmanship in brewing, roasting, and just about everything they do (and that’s pretty cool!). Read More » 


5 Stellar Stouts

5 Stellar Stouts

Our region is overflowing with a variety of locally crafted stouts. Grab a growler to go or post up for a pint and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style. In no particular order… Read More » 


Cooking Corner 3 Irish-Inspired Recipes

Cooking Corner: 3 Irish-Inspired Recipes

Forget the corned beef, cabbage, and green beer this year, and put your cooking chops to the test with one of these Emerald Isle recipes. Read More » 


Wonder of the World 5 Cant-Miss Turkish Delights

Wonder of the World: 5 Can’t-Miss Turkish Delights

What I quickly discovered is the vast land of Turkey boasts a history as rich as baklava and a vibrant patchwork of people, and culture, with a cuisine that’ll leave you hungry for more. Read More » 


Trending Now Whats Hot in Home Design

Trending Now: What's Hot in Home Design

How will we change and evolve in our home environment? Read on and see what speaks to your design style. Read More » 


On the Money Easy Ways to Save Big

On the Money: Easy Ways to Save Big

Are you looking to tighten the monthly budget but aren’t sure where or how to start? Take a look at what some of our financial professionals are doing in their everyday spending. Read More » 


Culture Vulture Local Museum Roundup

Culture Vulture: Local Museum Roundup

As Sacramentans, we’re lucky to have some of the nation’s best museums—ones that help foster our appreciation and interest in the arts, science, history, and more. Read More » 


Seeing Is Believing 7 Tips for Optimal Eye Health

Seeing Is Believing: 7 Tips for Optimal Eye Health

As you’re reading this, let me give you a quick reminder: blink! Read More » 



Ask The Experts How Do I Know the Amount of Milligrams mg Needed When It Comes to Vitamins

Ask The Experts: How Do I Know the Amount of Milligrams (mg) Needed When It Comes to Vitamins?

How do I know if my insurance covers medical equipment? How do I know the amount of milligrams (mg) needed when it comes to vitamins? Read More » 


Take a Hike Explore Colfax

Take a Hike: Explore Colfax

If you’re looking for a great day-trip destination or just a few new hikes, Colfax has a mix of mild and challenging trails within a stone’s throw of Interstate 80. Read More » 


A Great Estate Lake Tahoes Vikingsholm

A Great Estate: Lake Tahoe's Vikingsholm

Vikingsholm is nestled at the end of Emerald Bay and was the summer home of Mrs. Lora Josephine Knight for 15 years. Read More » 


The 10 Spot Celebrate St Patricks Day

The 10 Spot: Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Wondering what to do this Paddy’s Day? Lucky for you, we’ve found various ways to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland. Read More »