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Ask The Experts: How Do I Know the Amount of Milligrams (mg) Needed When It Comes to Vitamins?

Q: How do I know if my insurance covers medical equipment?

A: For the most part, it’s best to reach out to your respective insurance provider to find out what durable medical equipment (DME) they cover. If you qualify for Medicare Part B, your DME might be covered as long as it’s deemed to be medically necessary.

Vanessa Grenyion, PharmD, Owner


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Q: How do I know the amount of milligrams (mg) needed when it comes to vitamins?

A: Trying to determine what supplement/vitamin is the right choice can be very confusing, which leads to the follow-up question of “How do I know the amount of mg I need?” When choosing a basic multivitamin, you’ll typically receive a lower dosage of mg per individual vitamin/mineral. However, if you decide to take, say vitamin D3 all on its own, you might want a higher dose per mg. Talking to your doctor will help determine the amount best suited for you. Most respected supplement companies have taken the guesswork out for you. When you take according to the directions, they have already supplied you with the exact amount according to the efficacy of their dosage.

Dianna Singh, Integrative Health Coach, Owner

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