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Sacramento Boomer



The Baby Boomer Generation represents 44% of the U.S. population, and in the next five years, they are projected to hold 70% of the U.S. disposable income. 15,000 MONTHLY COPIES of Boomer will be mailed to more than 10,000 of the region’s most affluent 55+ homeowners in these communities and more...

  • 59% say that magazines/newspapers are instrumental in their product search.
  • Boomers account for more than 50% of sales of over 5000 top brands tracked by Nielsen.
  • Baby Boomers spend the most across all consumer categories.
  • Consumers aged 53 and up account for more than 50% of all spending in the U.S.
  • Over the next 20 years, spending by people 50+ will increase by 58%.
  • Consumers 50+ are responsible for 80% of all luxury travel spending.
  • Boomers own 80% of all the money in savings & loan associations.
  • Boomers will spend 3x more on home remodeling & renovations than those under 50.

If you are like most smart business people, you know that advertising is an investment.

STYLE magazine takes that investment seriously. We look forward to hearing from you and helping your business grow and succeed.