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Sacramento Boomer

This Month in Boomer: November 2019

Boomer Sacramento Magazine - November 2019

This Month's Feature:

Happy Medium Spotlight on Local Artists from Roseville Folsom and El Dorado County

Happy Medium: Spotlight on Local Artists from Roseville, Folsom, and El Dorado County

Here, we talked to six of the area’s finest to learn more about their preferred medium, where to find their artwork, what inspires their creativity, and much more. Read More » 


Brain Food:

Set Sail November Crossword

Set Sail: November Crossword

A Custom Crossword by Gail Marie Beckman; 702-869-6416, Read More » 


Other Highlighted Articles:

3 Autumn-Inspired Recipes

3 Autumn-Inspired Recipes

There’s no better way to celebrate the season than sharing a meal alongside loved ones. The recipes below use in-season ingredients and are sure to be the talk of this year’s holiday table. Read More » 


Party Time 5 Classic Cocktails We Love

Party Time: 5 Classic Cocktails We Love

A cocktail a day keeps the doctor away! Pull up a chair at one of these beloved bars that have mastered the craft of cocktail making, or use one of these recipes to make your own. Read More » 


La Trattoria Bohemia Sacramento Dining Spotlight

La Trattoria Bohemia: Sacramento Dining Spotlight

“It’s as if I’ve never eaten food before. These dishes are THAT GOOD,” I proclaimed to our gracious waitress at La Trattoria Bohemia. Read More » 


Be Our Guest 3 Stylishly Historic Bed-and-Breakfasts

Be Our Guest: 3 Stylishly Historic Bed-and-Breakfasts

Forget dated décor, shared bathrooms, and hovering hosts that are oftentimes associated with B&Bs. Read on for three of our favorite bed-and-breakfasts both near and far. Read More » 


Set the Stage The Importance of Entryways

Set the Stage: The Importance of Entryways

A home's entryway—oftentimes an overlooked space—sets the tone and personality of your property and provides a perfect opportunity to leave a lasting and positive impression. Read More » 


Dont Break the Bank Navigating Aging Parents Needs

Don't Break the Bank: Navigating Aging Parents' Needs

So, how can we facilitate managing the essentials (housing, food, finances) for those who took care of us in our youth? Read More » 


Friendship Force Building Global Bonds

Friendship Force: Building Global Bonds

What if you were given a week to make meaningful friendships, learn about another culture, and spread peace through those friendships? Read More » 


Only the Lonely Beat the Holiday Blues

Only the Lonely: Beat the Holiday Blues

The expectation of the holiday season doesn’t always match reality. While it’s the time of year to be around friends and family, the pressure of the holidays can cause many to feel lonely. Read More » 


Keep Up With The Latest Digital Social And Literary Trends November  2019

Keep Up With The Latest Digital, Social, And Literary Trends; November 2019

Good reads we know you'll FALL in love with! Plus the latest apps to help you navigate through life. Read More » 


Ask the Experts What Vitamins Should I Be Taking

Ask the Experts: What Vitamins Should I Be Taking?

What vitamins should I be taking? How many movements are in a symphony? Read More » 


Take a Hike to Sweetwater Trail

Take a Hike to Sweetwater Trail

Do you have a favorite trail in the region you’d like to see featured? Tell us all about it at [email protected] Read More » 


The Birth of Elk Grove

The Birth of Elk Grove

Like most towns in the Sierra Nevada, the history of human habitation in the Elk Grove area goes back well before the discovery of gold. Read More » 


Pride Runs Deep A Veterans Perspective

Pride Runs Deep: A Veteran’s Perspective

I am a boomer, a first-generation American, and a veteran—more specifically, a submarine-qualified Navy veteran. Read More » 


Celebrate  Support Veterans

Celebrate & Support Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day on November 11, we’ve rounded up some of the best resources for vets, along with ways to celebrate them and all they’ve done for our nation. Read More »