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Party Time: 5 Classic Cocktails We Love

Oct 30, 2019 09:36AM

1 | Negroni

This popular Italian cocktail is considered an aperitif and typically served in an old-fashioned or “rocks” glass.

• One part gin

• One part Campari liqueur

• One part sweet red vermouth

Stir into glass over ice, garnish with orange peel, and serve.



2 | Gimlet

A description in the 1953 Raymond Chandler novel The Long Goodbye said "a real gimlet is half gin and half Rose's lime juice and nothing else."

• One part sweetened lime juice

• Four parts gin

Mix and serve. Garnish with a slice of lime.



3 | Paloma

Spanish for “dove,” Paloma is one of Mexico’s most beloved alcoholic beverages and is rosy-hued and refreshing.

• Three parts grapefruit soda

• One part tequila

Stir together, garnish with a lime wedge, and serve over ice.



4 | Boulevardier

This creation’s moniker is attributed to Erskine Gwynne, an American-born writer who founded a monthly magazine in Paris called Boulevardier.

• 1 part Campari liqueur

• 1 part rye whisky or bourbon

• 1 part sweet red vermouth

Stir with ice, strain, garnish with orange peel or cherry and serve.



5 | White Russian

This decadent, milkshake-like libation was under the radar until The Big Lebowski came out in 1998 and Jeff Bridge’s character, The Dude, sipped it exclusively.

• 2 parts coffee liqueur

• 5 parts vodka

• 3 parts fresh cream

Pour coffee liqueur and vodka into a glass filled with ice. Float fresh cream on top and stir slowly.

White Russian


Cocktail Bars We Love

A cocktail a day keeps the doctor away! Pull up a chair at one of these beloved bars that have mastered the craft of cocktail making.

The Red Rabbit Kitchen and Bar, 2718 J Street, Sacramento, 916- 706-2275,

ORDER THIS: After the Goldrush (rye, lemon, honey, aromatic bitters)

Hook and Ladder Manufacturing Company, 1630 S Street, Sacramento, 916-442-4885,

ORDER THIS: A Cure for Wellness (gin, lavender, blueberries, lemon, agave)

Shady Lady Saloon, 1409 R Street, Sacramento, 916-231-9121,

ORDER THIS: Red Daisy (tequila, lime juice, agave, blood orange puree, muddled jalapeno)

Compiled by Megan Wiskus