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Harris Center Season Preview

Harris Center Season Preview

Harris Center, Folsom

June 10

Over 350 donors, members, and guests attended this preview of upcoming shows where they were treated to small bites and wine tasting as well as a performance by the Folsom Lake College Youth Chamber Orchestra.

Photos by Cherrie May Masangya

1. Ann and Clyde Barrow

2. Bob Zermani, Dennis Johnston, and Linda Hill

3. Brian King, Robert Jones, and Julianne Jones

4. Marcia Joiner, Joanne Rice, and Judith Reynolds

5. Pat and Wes Ball

6. Patrice Gau-Johnson, Kathy Cunningham, Gary and Joan Grootveld

7. Sandy Sloan, Kathleen Leavitt, Diane Reck, and Dick Droese

8. Steve and Cheri Hill

9. Susan Browning, Sharon Baumgartner, and Sherry Rossi

10. Yolanda and Christopher Rhodes