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Cheers to Summer! 4 Warm-Weather Wines

Cool off by uncorking a locally made bottle of crisp wine and toasting to the season. Wondering just what to sip this summer? We have four bottles that are light, bright, and perfectly palatable.

Rancho Victoria 2016 Chardonnay


ABV: 13.8%

PURCHASE: Rancho Victoria Vineyard, 16920 Greilich Road, Plymouth, 209-600-2557,

Rancho Victoria 2016 Chardonnay

Vivid flavors of baked pear and apple, roasted pineapple, lemon curd, and a kiss of oak create a creamy, full-bodied, elegant wine that promises to please chardonnay lovers.

Silt Rosé of Valdiguie


ABV: 12.5%

PURCHASE: Silt Wine Company, 50878 Babel Slough Road, Clarksburg, 916-298-9409,

Silt Rosé of Valdiguie

This beautiful-hued beverage delivers notes of cherry and strawberry on the nose followed by a juicy, balanced palate. 

Lone Buffalo 2016 Just “Chill” Grenache 


ABV: 14.1%

PURCHASE: Lone Buffalo Vineyards, 7505 Wise Road, Auburn, 530-823-1159,

Lone Buffalo 2016 Just “Chill” Grenache

Grenache is the pinot noir of the foothills and one of the world's most widely planted red wine grapes. “Just chill" this bottle in the fridge for a slightly cooled warm-weather red or let it sit out at room temp and enjoy its light, fruity character.  

Miraflores 2018 Estate Primitivo Rosé


ABV: 13.4%

PURCHASE: Miraflores Winery, 2120 Four Springs Trail, Placerville, 530-647-8505,

Miraflores 2018 Estate Primitivo Rosé

Served chilled, this crisp and clean wine is bursting with refreshing minerality and bright red fruit notes of cherries, sun-ripened strawberries, and pomegranate.

5 Summertime Wine-Serving Tips

Compiled by Judy R.; reprinted with permission from The California Wine Club

1. Be sure to chill the wine to your satisfaction. 

2. Rosé or pinot noir are the most refreshing reds. They’re light and delicate. Note: Rosé is best served ice cold.

3. Get an easy cool down from sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio, and viognier. These friendly whites are un-oaked with a delicate mouthfeel, pleasing fruit flavors, and don’t require food pairings.

4. Be aware of your texture preferences with chardonnay. There are so many styles around these days, and it’s hard to know what you’ll get when you pop the cork. For a chardonnay to beat the heat, un-oaked ones—without the heavy, buttery texture of malolactic fermentation—are best. 

5. Sparklers to the rescue! Chill them well. A good sparkler will reward you with tiny bubbles zipping to the top of your glass, delightful fizziness, and icy, lovely fruit flavors. Remember, methode champenoise is your artisan choice.