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Chow Down: 10 Must-Try Burgers

Attention, burger fanatics! I’ve done the work for you: polled social media, called on, driven to, and chewed my way through some of the top burgers in town. Here are some you may or may not know about but should definitely try. And though I’ve listed several “specialty burgers,” rest assured—if you’re a basic burger lover, each of these purveyors of the patty on a bun serves a quality ground beef sandwich, too. Here they are, in no particular order…

The Dive

With an almost fanatical following of burger aficionados, The Dive Burgers & Brews serves up some of the area’s best and most unique burgers. Their signature burger, aptly titled “The Dive,” features fresh ground beef, chopped bacon, an over-easy egg, sautéed mushrooms and onions, cheddar, and house-made mayo. (Looking for something truly different? Try the Redneck!)
The Dive Burgers & Brews
5050 Rocklin Road, Rocklin,
The Dive

Boundless Brie Burger

In addition to Out of Bound's quality craft brews, their Boundless Brie Burger—which is essentially a cheese plate with a patty—is also worth sampling. The combination of brie, sliced apples, walnut-fig jam, balsamic reduction, field greens, tomatoes, red onions, house aioli, and brisket short rib beef works in myriad ways. The seasoning and medium-rare cook on the beef are both spot-on, which, in an era of frozen patties and over-salted food, is a pleasant surprise.
Out of Bounds Craft Kitchen and Biergarten
13407 Folsom Boulevard, Suite D, Folsom, 916-357-5250,


Golden Eagle

Most times, when I’m craving a burger, I gravitate to my favorite flavors: BBQ, cheddar, bacon, and onion rings. Call it a Western, Cowboy, BBQ, or at Primo’s—Golden Eagle. This huge half-pound patty is grilled over an open flame (as are all of their burgers), topped with cheddar, and crowned with my prerequisite helping of onion rings and a slather of BBQ sauce. The flame-grilled flavor makes their burgers taste like they just came off the “Q” at home (and I don’t have to break out the deep fryer for the onion rings!).
Primo Pizza Rocklin
2600 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 103, Rocklin, 916-259-1010,
Golden Eagle


Sriracha PB&J Bacon

I’ve tried a few renditions of a peanut butter burger, but like a lot of things The Chef’s Table serves, this one is just that much better. Granted, you have to be adventurous (and willing to ask for it; it’s not always listed on the menu), but the peanut/sriracha combination impart a Thai flavor to their burger that makes it a “must-try!”
The Chef’s Table
6843 Lonetree Boulevard, Suite 103, Rocklin, 916-771-5656,
Sriracha PB&J Bacon


Fresno Fig Burger

A charcuterie platter in a bun—warm, melted goat cheese and fig marmalade, plus bacon, red onions, and spicy porter mustard accompany the beef. The tart goat cheese and sweet fig marmalade transform the classic American burger into something special, but don’t think this is a “wine lover’s-only-burger,” it’s right at home with one of their many craft beers!
234 Gibson Drive, Roseville, 916-864-9500,
Fresno Fig Burger


Three-Cheese (Add Bacon-Onion Marmalade)

Skip’s grinds their sirloin/chuck blend, 85% lean patties every day. The three-cheese combination of blue, brie, and provolone (add the house-made bacon-onion marmalade—you’ll thank me later) and cooked-to-order beef on a brioche bun combine for a next-level cheeseburger. Skip’s Kitchen has a smorgasbord of options to choose from, and they’re extremely friendly, so please ask for it your way!
Skip’s Kitchen
4717 El Camino Avenue, Carmichael, 916-514-0830,


Beast Burger

“The Beast” was named the 2019 Sacramento Burger Battle Judges’ Pick, beating out some meaty competition. Featuring an eight-ounce, house-ground patty, house-made brioche bun sprinkled with ODB seed mix, butter lettuce, ash onions, heirloom tomatoes, B&B pickles, and Dijon aioli, this is a classic American hamburger on steroids. Get there for lunch; it’s not on the dinner menu…yet.
Beast + Bounty
1701 R Street, Sacramento, 916-244-4016,
Beast Burger


South Burger

Bacon, havarti cheese, and leek-shallot jam should be enough to entice you. If not, spicy aoli, house-made slaw, and Sonoma Brinery pickles on a brioche bun should get those salivary glands working. Add to that the “(P)” on the menu indicating thar’s pork in that thar burger, and you have a little taste of the South in your mouth. Feeling really adventurous? Try the Southside Royale!
2005 11th Street, Sacramento, 916-382-9722,
South Burger


Porch Burger

More Southern goodness from the folks at The Porch in Sacramento—adding pimento cheese and fried green tomatoes to their Braveheart Black Angus Beef patty. Did I mention there’s also bacon…and a sesame seed bun? So, let’s analyze this: It’s a fried green tomato BLT burger with pimento cheese, which makes me want a glass of sweet tea. How about it, ya’ll?
The Porch Restaurant and Bar
1815 K Street, Sacramento, 916-444-2423,
Porch Burger


Pangaea Burger

The Pangaea Burger is a three-time winner of the Sacramento Burger Battle, winning every time it’s been entered—most recently in 2018 winning the Judges’ Vote and the People’s Choice. No fruit spreads or trendy ingredients, just 100% Angus Beef, cheddar cheese, applewood bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onion on a brioche bun with a little house-made special sauce. Perfection on a patty and a bun? You decide!
Pangaea Bier Café
2743 Franklin Boulevard, Sacramento, 916-454-4942,


By Lorn Randall // Photos by Dante Fontana