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This Month in Boomer: February 2020

This Month's Feature:

Losing Love A Guide to Grief

Losing Love: A Guide to Grief

Grief is a very personal experience, and when you lose a spouse there are many different ways to experience the pain. Read More » 


February Crossword and Answers:

A Chocolate Affair

A Chocolate Affair

A Custom Crossword by Gail Marie Beckman


Other Highlighted Articles:

Caf Society 4 Cool Coffee Shops

Café Society: 4 Cool Coffee Shops

The best part of waking up is local coffee in your cup. Luckily, our region boasts one of the nation’s best café cultures. Here are four of our favorites. Read More » 


Stay Local Eat Global 6 Must-Try Dishes

Stay Local, Eat Global: 6 Must-Try Dishes

Few people outside of our area recognize Sacramento as a mecca for global cuisine. Here are six we feel are worthy of the quest. Read More » 


Cruise Control Exploring Holland and Germany Aboard the Crystal Bach

Cruise Control: Exploring Holland and Germany Aboard the Crystal Bach

It seems like every time you talk to someone about vacations, river cruising comes up. Over the past decade, there’s been a surge in passengers—not just in Europe but around the world. Read More » 


Simply Scandinavian 4 Ways to Hygge Your Home

Simply Scandinavian: 4 Ways to Hygge Your Home

The Danish way of life, hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”), is both a lifestyle and design trend, recognizable by its Scandinavian simplicity, modern décor, and homey details. Read More » 


Cold Hard Cash 6 Smart Money Moves

Cold Hard Cash: 6 Smart Money Moves

Are you seeking advice on how to strategize your retirement planning, or contemplating some small- or large-scale changes to maximize your retirement comfort level? Read More » 


Sacramento Tree Foundation Growing the Urban Forest

Sacramento Tree Foundation: Growing the Urban Forest

It is fitting that the Sacramento Tree Foundation was founded on Arbor Day nearly 40 years ago. On that day, the city’s leaders called for the creation of a nonprofit dedicated to trees. Read More » 


Going Going Gone Hair Loss 101

Going, Going, Gone: Hair Loss 101

Most people will first notice hair loss on their pillow or in the shower, says Michele Raithel, ND, at Revolutions Naturopathics. Read More » 



Ask the Experts What Are Some Ways I Can Maintain An Independent Lifestyle

Ask the Experts: What Are Some Ways I Can Maintain An Independent Lifestyle?

Regular check-ups, staying active, and eating well all contribute to your quality of life. Read More » 


Take a Hike Robie Point Firebreak Trail

Take a Hike: Robie Point Firebreak Trail

Well-maintained; kid-friendly; provides great views of the North Fork American River Canyon and the Auburn Dam construction site. Read More » 


Locke Historic District The Deltas Charming Chinatown

Locke Historic District: The Delta's Charming Chinatown

The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta is a 700-mile-long maze of waterways that encompasses over 60 tracts and islands created by 1,100 miles of levees. Read More » 


The 10 Spot Give Where You Live

The 10 Spot: Give Where You Live

Every day’s a good day to give back, but sometimes it’s tough knowing just what to do. Thankfully, we compiled a list of 10 easy ways to help get you started. Read More » 


Boomer Sacramento Magazine - February 2020