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Sacramento Boomer

Capitol Region Writers Coffeehouse

Dec 26, 2019 04:19PM

Face in a Book, El Dorado Hills 

November 17

Published and aspiring writers gathered for a networking meeting of the Sacramento chapter of the Writers Coffeehouse—a national discussion and networking group. Writers of all levels met like-minded people and shared camaraderie, tips, and industry info.  

Photos courtesy of Margie Yee Webb

1: Margie Yee Webb, Erin G. Burrell, Susan M. Osborn, and Chery Anderson

2: Rich Ehisen, A.G. Block, and Joseph Fry

3: Shelley Buck and Joe Walsh

4: Danna Wilberg, Sigrid Bathen, Kate Adams, L.D. Markham, Cindy Sample, and Tessie Loomis