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Sacramento Boomer

The 10 Spot: Love Where You Live

It’s no secret that we live in one of the best parts of California—dare we say all of America…? With this land’s bounty, beauty, and beautiful people, there’s so much to be thankful for—including you dear readers! 

1) A recent report by WalletHub named Roseville and Lincoln two of the top spots to retire in California. Rankings were based on adjusted cost of living to health-care facilities per capita and number of attractions, among other factors.  

2) Location, location, location. If you hadn’t noticed, we’re bang in between the ocean and the mountains, equidistant from sky and sea. Picturesque towns, endless forest with astounding wildlife, azure blue lakes, and towering snow-capped mountains dot our landscape. Whether Tahoe, Yosemite, or the Pacific—they’re all a stone’s throw away!   

Season's eatings Asparagus and Radish Salad with Farm Egg and Meyer Lemon

3) With over 40 farmers’ markets in the region and countless farms, ranches, and vineyards, it’s no wonder we live a farm-to-fork lifestyle. The Sacramento region produces the majority of the rice, almonds, caviar, tomatoes, and grapes (many Napa Valley wines use grapes grown in our region) we consume. The wintry foods we’re now devouring (beets, chard, lemons, or parsnips anyone?) also add to this cornucopia.

4) Did you know California has the highest number of craft breweries in the country with more than 900 operating across the state, including 67 (and counting) here in the region? Local breweries and wineries consistently dominate competitions like the California State Fair. Most ingredients are locally sourced to form a self-sustaining industry that we’re very, very grateful for. 

5) Also noteworthy is our local arts and cultural scene. Craft, heritage, and music festivals along with county fairs happen year-round. Literally. Just take a look at our Calendar section each month and you’ll see what we’re talking about. There’s no dearth of things to do, see, and experience. 

Russian National Ballet

6) Gold Country is the portion of land from Sierra Nevada to Sacramento Valley and we’re living in the heart of it. Named after the Gold Rush that initiated the largest mass immigration in the U.S., said Gold Rush made our little corner culturally diverse and rich in history. It’s also what catapulted San Francisco into the metropolis it is today. You’re welcome, SF.

7) Let’s talk small businesses. Many here live the American dream, thanks to a market that’s open-minded and willing to shop small. There are numerous creative and groundbreaking businesses surrounding us, covering industries like food, finance, fitness, and more. Whatever the need, chances are, there’s a friendly neighborhood business that provides it.

8) We grow some of the most diverse, high-quality crops around and enjoy mild temperatures, thanks to our Mediterranean climate. With relatively moderate winters, sweltering summers, fall colors, and spring flowers, we get a taste of each distinct season here without too many of the natural disasters that plague other parts of the country. Knock on wood.  

9) If there are two things we love, it’s the great outdoors and our pets. With so many trails and parks (thank you, parks and rec departments!), pets and people alike tend to lead remarkably active lifestyles away from the pollution and chaos of big cities. Biking, hiking, roller skating—we know how to keep healthy and happy.

10) What’s the point of it all if it can’t be shared? Enter our beloved local nonprofits and charities. We’re proud of each of them and come the annual Big Day of Giving, our generosity knows no bounds. We’ve already collectively donated over $40 million to our favorite causes. Our cups runneth over in every possible way, and we’re thankful that we get to share it with one another.  

By Tara Mendanha