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Keep Up With The Latest Digital, Social, And Literary Trends; October 2019

Oct 16, 2019 01:23PM

Book Club:
What to Read This Month

What’s Better Than This? 

by Lorraine Salmon

This is a true love story that will make you laugh and cry as if you’re part of their relationship. Lorraine and Mackey had a whirlwind romance filled with memories that were both beautiful and heartbreaking. Their 14-month story is one of loving, dying, and living.

What's Better Than This? by Lorraine Salmon


Run Away
by Harlan Coben

A drug-addict of a daughter leaves home and says she doesn’t want to be found. But one day her dad sees her in Central Park and begs her to come home. She runs and he follows her into her dangerous new world only to face things he never knew existed—just in order to save her.

Run Away by Harlan Coben


An Anonymous Girl
by Greer Hendricks 

& Sarah Pekkanen

Jessica Farris needs money and an opportunity seemingly falls into her lap. She signs up to be a test subject in a psychological study about ethics and morality. As the study progresses, Jessica starts to feel like the doctor in charge of the study knows what she’s thinking and feeling, and her actions are being manipulated in a deadly game that she needs to get out of.

An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen


App Alert


The American Association of Retired Persons provides this free app that includes a calendar of events for your area, as well as discounts available with your AARP membership.


Save grocery lists, recipes, scrap notes on your counter, pictures, and videos. Everything you save can be found on your phone, laptop, or computer with the app. 

Instant Heart Rate

For iPhone only, this app uses your phone’s camera to detect your pulse from your fingertip.

The Weather Channel

Get your daily weather update and forecast. The app also lets you know if severe weather is heading your way.


This app lets you sync all of your bank accounts into one organized area. You can set budgets and get alerts when you’ve gone over your designated limit and look at your spending chart to see where your money is going.

Hobby Spotlight:

Book Club

Reading doesn’t have to be a solitary experience especially when you can find book clubs almost anywhere nowadays. They’re one of the most popular forms of adult socialization. And, there are benefits to joining one. First of all, it may help push you to finish a book. It’s easy to find other things to do but if you know you have to read a book by a certain date, being in a book club will help you focus on reading. Reading can reduce stress, improve mental stimulation, and improve memory. It makes you more knowledgeable and can improve vocabulary. Joining a book club can also help you make friends.

So, where do you find a book club? You can either start your own with a group of friends or find one that is already formed by checking your local library, local book stores, or searching online