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Sacramento Boomer

Foodie Find: Kiki's Chicken Place

Oct 16, 2019 01:23PM

Kiki’s Chicken Place  //  Whoever came up with the idea of putting Chicken & Waffles together on the same plate deserves some kind of award. Kiki’s Chicken Place—a local chain with brick and mortars in Rocklin, Folsom, and Sacramento, plus a roving food truck—is worthy of a gold medal, because they added homemade maple bacon butter to the mix. Did you read that right?! HOMEMADE MAPLE BACON BUTTER! And yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds. The combination of a golden waffle, juicy homemade fried chicken, their incredible butter that’s both salty and sweet, and thick syrup will make your mouth water as soon as you enter the establishment. They have plenty of other options that are just as delectable, too. My husband and I split an order of Kiki’s Fries, which are covered in melty mozzarella, buffalo sauce, ranch, and blue cheese then topped with their tasty chicken. They could easily be a meal on their own. My daughters tried the chicken nuggets, and they highly recommend Kiki’s version—with ranch, of course. Do you like wings? Choose from regular or boneless and over 10 sauces and dips. And if you’re craving a chicken sandwich or salad, you’re in luck. Almost everything is available as a single item, combo meal, or family meal. Oh, and maple bacon butter can be ordered as a single item. You’re welcome. 

by Julie Ryan