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Bottled Up: 4 Expert Wine Storage Solutions

Whether you’re a wine aficionado or a grape tasting rookie, your at-home wine storage should be approached mindfully. When it comes to temperature, light and humidity, specifications have to be met so as not to spoil your sipping. We’ve come up with a few helpful storage solutions that are both practical and artful to help you tend to your most prized cabernets and everyday rosés.

1. Rack and Roll

For those who don’t have an admired collection, just a few loose bottles, a quick and easy storage solution—one that won’t break the budget (or the bottles)—is preferred. Installing an extra kitchen cabinet or converting one that isn’t often used is a great way to store your sauvignon while it’s not being enjoyed. For extra storage and better keeping, add racking to the cabinet to help separate the bottles to keep them tactfully taken care of.

Wine Bottle Organization


2. Island Oasis

One of our favorite storage solutions is converting a fixture you already own into something brand new—plus you’ll feel like you just scored a new piece of furniture. Say you have a kitchen island with built-in shelving. While that’s great for cookbooks and dishes, it’s not suitable for circular storage. Creating a cubby system within your shelving helps to control your wine stock and keeps it neat and tidy. For bottles that need extra attention, install a temperature-controlled fridge in a cove next to the cubbies—your chardonnay will thank you.

3. Custom Job

If your wine interests challenge those of a skillful sommelier, we suggest custom storage. Taking care of a prized wine collection requires tender love and care, so knowing the specific storage requirements for your bottles often requires a custom job. As you know, wine must be kept out of direct sunlight to keep its flavor intact; it should also be kept away from places with strong aromas (i.e. the kitchen), and should always be kept in a cool, dark place so as not to alter its wonderful composition.

Wine Display


4. Interactive Art

Many take pride in their wine collection. Whether you’re showing off a few cherished scores or are just looking for something to adorn a blank wall, you’re in luck. Wine has quickly become a decorative theme and its storage has followed suit. Hang a rack fixture above a bar cart to create a cozy cocktail corner or build a large wall shelf out of distressed wood to artfully display your merlots. Creating a piece of art that you can admire and enjoy? Now that’s good home décor!

While we’re a fan of decorative displays and suitable storage, the best way to properly take care of your wine collection is to enjoy it, so grab a glass and relax knowing your wine is being kept safe and sound. Cheers!

By Kerrie L. Kelly, ASID