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Ask The Expert

Oct 16, 2019 01:22PM

Q: Will Medicare pay for home care services?

A: If you are homebound, Medicare will pay in full for skilled nursing services or physical, occupational, or speech therapy. These visits must be ordered by your doctor and it must be extremely difficult for you to leave your home. Medicare doesn’t pay for 24-hour care at home, homemaker services, or companionship or personal care (dressing, bathing, or using bathroom). You may be recovering from a surgery, a fall, or a hospital stay and need help getting around, prepping meals, grocery shopping, or transportation. These are all private-pay or covered by Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance.

Tom Bollum, Executive Director 

Live Well at Home by Eskaton

1640 Eskaton Loop, Roseville


Q: What are some simple exercises for balance?

A: One thing is for certain: Balance can’t be taken for granted past a certain age; it must be maintained both in mind and body with general physical fitness and exercises to improve balance and prevent falls. Staying mentally active to maintain cognitive fitness also plays a big role. Tai chi, a form of exercise that involves moving gently through a series of poses improves balance, because it works both the mind and body. Maintaining mental fitness, remaining physically active, and practicing tai chi, qigong, yoga, or some other mind/body exercise can help you keep your balance and avoid stumbling. Recommended balancing exercises include marching in place with high steps, hip abduction and extension, step-ups on a short stool, balance on one leg, and toe and heel raises. Do these exercises while holding onto support.

Yvonne Mitchell- Program Director/Owner

Daycation for Seniors Social Activity Day Center

6011 Stanford Ranch Road Suite 105, Rocklin