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Harris Center Member “Little Black Dress!” Wine Reception

Harris Center, Folsom

August 2

The Harris Center held a wine reception for all members attending the August 2, 7:30 p.m. showing of Little Black Dress! Members were asked to wear their little black dress to the reception, and E16 Winery donated and poured wine.

Photos by Cherrie May Masangya

1. Barbara Helmey, Mary Lagomarsino, Dodie
Samuels, Karen Bookey, and Margie Weidert

2. Kathleen Leavitt, Judy Collinsworth, Robin
Fryer, and Susan Brackenhoff

3. LeAnn Robinson and Arlene Cameron

4. Milton Burk, Amanda Johnson, Patrice
Gau-Johnson, Kathy Cunningham, and Anne

5. Melanie Vance and Marlyn Pino-Jones

6. Oli and Mary Bohlman

7. Betty and Brian Neil