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Keep Up With the Latest Digital, Social, and Literary Trends; September 2019

Book Club: What to Read This Month

Forgotten Bones 

by Vivian Barz

Susan Marlan is a police officer in a small town. They don’t deal with a lot of crimes until they discover the body of a boy. The FBI takes over after more bodies are found and they assume it’s the work of a local criminal. The case isn’t that simple, though. College professor (and schizophrenic) Eric Evans, starts having visions of the case and works with Susan behind the FBI’s back to get to the truth.

"Forgotten Bones" by Vivan Barz



by Tara Westover

Imagine not setting foot inside a school until you’re 17 years old. Imagine never seeing a doctor when you’re sick or injured. Imagine spending your days in the Idaho mountains surrounded only by your family. This was the life of Tara Westover until she decided to educate herself. She taught herself enough to get into Brigham Young University, then Harvard and Cambridge. She traveled the world and learned who she was. She educated herself in more ways than one.

"Educated" by Tara Westover


Mrs. Everything

by Jennifer Weiner

Two sisters, both with dreams, neither fulfilling them. Family tragedies, war, and women’s lib lend a hand in how their lives mold. This story follows Jo and Bethie from the 1950’s to today as they navigate through their lives and figure out if it’s too late to find happiness or not.

"Mrs. Everything" by Jennifer Weiner


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Hobby Spotlight: Adopt a Pet

Yes, keeping a pet is a hobby and can give rise to fur-ther hobbies you can develop together, like hiking, gardening, boating, and more. Not only do pets make great companions but it has been shown that pets reduce blood pressure and stress levels. Having a pet also helps lower cholesterol and fight depression. Breed, age of the animal, and temperament are all important factors to keep in mind when looking for the perfect pet. Pugs, Shih-Tzus, and Poodles are among some of the best dog breeds for older adults.

Where to find your furry friend:

Sacramento SPCA

Placer SPCA, Roseville/Auburn

FieldHaven Feline Center, Lincoln

Front Street Animal Shelter, Sacramento

Bradshaw Animal Shelter, Sacramento

Articles by Julie Ryan