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Art of Wine

Art of Wine

April 18

Harris Center, Folsom

This special benefit event—open to associate level members and higher of the Harris Center—included wine tasting from Madroña Vineyards and Via Romano Vineyards, followed by the performance of Something Rotten!.

Photos courtesy of Kathleen Leavitt

1: Dan and Misty Dailey with Kim and Andy Scruggs

2: Michael Szulman, Kathleen Leavitt, Carol Damerval, Jackie De Maio, and Maryilyn Szulman-Jones

3: Pam and Steve Eskildsen, Mary Margosian, and Owen Ficke

4: Rita Timewell, Erin Dealey, Stephanie Carlson, and Paul Zappettini

5: Sue Rauzy, Bev Hendrickson, and Gayle Heslop