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10 Travel Tips to Ensure A Stress Free Vacation

Jul 01, 2019 11:43AM

You’re all set: the tickets are booked, bags are packed, and camera’s ready. All you need to do now is have a good time. How can you ensure it? Follow these tips from some of the region’s top travel experts and you’re bound to have a safe, memorable trip.
Bon voyage!

1) Make sure your hotel is in a location that’s central to all your plans and is easy to reach. You don’t want the hassle of making a long trek back to your hotel at the end of a packed day of sightseeing.

2) Set aside time every day to rest and recuperate. It’s easy to overbook tours and activities; however, it’s better to take it easy and have some downtime. This way, you won’t risk your health and can enjoy your trip with equal energy and enthusiasm. 

3) Purchase travel insurance that has medical and cancellation protection. Get full coverage for travel emergencies, medical, and emergency evacuation. Better to be safe than sorry! 

4) Our tummies get more and more sensitive with time and with the many diet restrictions we accumulate, so it’s best to steer clear of overly adventurous food. In other words, keep the heavy, spicy, and cheesy items to a minimum. 

5) Petty theft is the most common crime in tourist destinations and in some countries having expensive jewelry and name-brand purses can make you a target for theft. Lock up your passports, phones, and jewelry in the hotel room safe and don’t leave valuables lying around in the pool area or other common areas.  

6) Leave a copy of your travel itinerary and passport with a family member at home and an emergency contact with your travel agent. If your passport is lost/stolen you’ll be able to get a replacement faster with the details from the copy. 

7) Make sure you bring extra medication for your trip. Don't pack them in checked luggage and don’t leave them out in the open in your hotel room. It’s also important to have your doctor write a copy of your prescriptions to take with you, just in case. 

8) Register your travel with, which is a free service that will alert you of relevant travel issues and register your trip with the local embassy. 

9) Get a credit card with no foreign transaction fees and use it when outside of the U.S. Make sure to always ask for the local currency when exchanging to ensure you get the best exchange rate. 

10) Keep all non-800 numbers for airlines and hotels you’ve booked, since 800 numbers don’t work overseas. This way, if you have a cancellation you can call and get re-booked faster.

Thank you to our experts: April Schmitt at Divine Destination Weddings & Honeymoons; Micki King at Roseville Travel; Shawna Cordonnier at Exquisite Travel Group; Jackie Sellitti.

By Tara Mendanha