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Sacramento Boomer

Celebration of the Monarchs

Jun 04, 2019 12:26PM

Downtown Auburn

April 20

Informational booths, interactive activities, food, drink, and live music were all part of this Earth Day festival, along with spreading awareness about the declining monarch butterfly population. Funds raised will support the Forgotten Soldier Program and Arts Council of Placer County.   

Photos courtesy of the Forgotten Soldier Program  

1: Ethan Block 
2: U.S. Naval Sea Cadets Corps of Sacramento 
3: Placer Ume Taiko Drummers 
4: Martha Humber and Jeanie Harris 
5: Jennifer McKernon 
6: Halie O’Ryan Band 
7: Eric Peach of PARC (Protect American River Canyons) talks about declining numbers of the monarch butterfly and ways to help with repopulation