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Go Global With These 7 Worldly Designs

While every culture has its own aesthetic when it comes to interior design and lifestyle, all can agree on the benefits of a well-thought-out, livable home. Whether you choose to embrace the design principles of hygge, love Mediterranean details, or are a fan of Morocco’s bold expressions, our homes are where we can bring design elements together. Read on for seven interior trends from around the world.



This iconic style features sculptures and graceful statues—often depicting children, busts, and beautiful women—in addition to luxurious linens, brocades, silks, and velvets with rich finishing details. Furniture pieces tend to incorporate exquisite carvings covered with gold gilding or bronze. 


Interiors inspired by Japan are simple and symmetric and feature colorful paintings, low-slung furnishings, unfinished wooden pieces, and potted plants in ceramic vases. If you’re adopting Japanese interior style, consider incorporating bamboo floors and cabinets with sliding panels instead of walls to divide your space. 


Live like a Spaniard and surround yourself with colorful, hand-painted accents, terracotta tiles, and handmade finishes. A backdrop of white walls sets the stage for thoughtful layers of artisanal ironwork and textiles. Outdoor living elements in front, side, and backyard areas allow vibrant designs to spill outside and blur the lines between interior and exterior living spaces.



Candelabras, chandeliers, and romantic, dressmaker-like details are often used in this interior design look, which incorporates palettes of white, gray, blush, and blue. Any opportunity to add glamour and elegance to a space is welcomed, as evidenced by walls decorated with large, often ornate, hand-painted wallcoverings, statement mirrors, tapestries, and artwork. Baroque-style carvings are usually found on furniture and wall décor, such as mirror frames. 



Indian-style homes use bold, bright-colored textiles for pillows, rugs, furniture, throws, towels, bed linens, and furniture pieces. Should you choose to adopt this style, bring an organic look indoors through greenery in colorful vessels that sit on the floor or on stands. Dark wood tones are also preferred for furniture, frames, trays, and mirrors.


Swedish-style décor is balanced simplicity where spaces are usually uncluttered—from soft furnishings and rugs to windows and shades that allows more natural light inside the house. What’s even more fascinating is that most spaces are highly personalized with little to no distractions such as telephones, televisions, or computers.


Moroccan décor celebrates the cool, calming palettes of sea and sky—accented with greys and plenty of neutral shades—and is all about geometric patterned soft furnishings. Tile patterns combined with tactile textures are the way to go if you want to implement this style in your home.

Which global style speaks to you? It may not be just one in particular—mix and match to tell your unique style story.

by Kerrie L. Kelly, FASID

Kerrie L. Kelly, FASID, is an award-winning interior designer, author, product developer, and multimedia consultant helping brands reach the interior design community. To contact her, visit or call