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5 Things You Should Spend Money On

Saving money is a continuous endeavor. In certain situations, however, you shouldn’t pinch pennies. Here are five expenses where you should make sure you’re spending enough. 


As we age, we shouldn’t skimp when shopping for healthy food and planning wholesome meals. Ben Mandell, nutritionist at Roseville Health & Wellness Center, says it’s worthwhile to spend a little extra on healthier food options. “Healthy food choices can help prevent, or even treat, some of the effects of aging like vitamin and mineral deficiencies (osteoporosis) and a weakening immune system,” he advises. 

A good night's rest is priceless.


If it’s true that you spend one third of your life in bed, then by the time you’re an older adult, it should be a comfortable place! Our mattress requirements do change as we get older and little aches and pains could be clues that you should get a better bed. According to The Sleep Advisor website, choosing a quality, age-appropriate mattress can make a difference when living with conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, or chronic back, shoulder, hip, or neck pain. Learn about “The 8 Best Rated Beds for Senior Citizens: 2019 Reviews” at


Members of the boomer generation are either still working toward retirement or they’re already there. No matter the timing, ensure you have a trustworthy advisor. “A financial professional should spend plenty of time getting to know you and learning your goals,” says Chris Wilczewski, a financial advisor with Edward Jones in Folsom. “He or she can tailor a retirement or wealth management plan specifically for you. You should take advantage of their experience and training, along with their access to technology tools.”  


Exercise has been shown to slow cognitive decline and have positive benefits for boomers. “When done right, a safe fitness program can improve the quality of life for seniors and those suffering from chronic ailments by working with them [to improve]health and [increase physical] activity,” explains Lisa Robinson, general manager of Roseville Health & Wellness Center. “When done wrong, exercise can cause serious injury. Finding a facility with degreed personal trainers for proper fitness instruction is key to staying safe and reaching your fitness/wellness goals.”

Experience the world.


You’ve worked hard your whole life and now it’s time to travel the world, just like you always said you would! According to the folks at, traveling stimulates and challenges your brain as you encounter new people, cultures, and environments; improve your mood and outlook on life; and strengthen friendships. Many seniors suggest going with travel clubs and groups that organize trips for its members. Couples and solo vacationers alike can travel with a group of like-minded boomers. 

By Janet Scherr