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Ask the Experts How to Manage Financial Goals and How to Safely Work Out While Injured

Apr 29, 2019 12:56PM

Q: If I have injuries or certain limitations, can I still work with a personal trainer?

A: Yes, a seasoned trainer will absolutely be able to work with anyone, at any age, in any condition. In fact, hiring a trainer is especially important if you have an injury or limitation, because working with a professional, who specializes in body mechanics, is the safest way to move and best way to avoid injury. Every body is unique, which means that a one-size-fits-all health plan can be dangerous. An educated trainer will be able to comprise a custom plan that matches your specific pace. Trainers bridge the gap between physical therapy and exercise on your own. As trainers, it’s important to design each client's program to be uniquely suited to the individual—keeping you safe, healthy, and moving forward. 

—Michael Krick, CSCS, CHEK EC, CHEK HLC 2

Owner & Founder at KrickFit 

4810 Golden Foothill Parkway, Unit 2, El Dorado Hills


Q: What are some small changes I can make to work toward my financial goals?

A: Knowledge is power. If you find a team who can educate you on important concepts, and make topics that often seem complex simpler, you’ll understand what small changes you can make to personally work toward your goals. Understanding how to prioritize your saving and therefore your spending is paramount. Considering everyone has different goals, different compensation structures, and different ambitions, when it comes to financial goals, we should all be treated differently. Financial advisors should believe in liberating clients from financial concern through education and relationships so they can flourish.

—Jake Parsons, CFP, LLC

PGR Solutions

1101 Investment Boulevard, Suite 125, El Dorado Hills